Summer was nice, time to restart

Almedalen was really amazing lots of interesting seminars and many visited our ship Teaterskeppet and the little exhibition. personally I really liked HSB’s results from the ”Hållbara Hilda” project Our demo was working all week

Time for planning and contemplation for all the work in Almedalen.  The projekt will take part in several seminars and have the houses on display the whole week. come by an look on a seminar

Energy, IT, Design research program

The project took part in the big research result reporting day from the 3 years of research performed around using It and Design to visualize energy consumption. 18 different projects were covered with all aspects of the usage of energy….

Demo at SICS opening i västerås

Enbygg was on site togheter with the EU-projekt NOBEL at the grand opening of the new SICS offices in ”Mälardalens högskola i Västerås”. Representatives from both industry and academia and town officials was present. The excibition whent smoth and our…

The houses got street addresses

We now have our houses up on Ipv6 with gogo6 tunnels we will comeback with the addresses on But best of all, as you can see, we now live at number 1, SICS street and number 2, SICS avenue…

Sics open house

Time for the next Sisc open house! On thursday 26th we will start our all IP red cottages connected to internet over IPv6 with connected pachube feeds and java ruleset. Togheter with the Nobel project we have a really intelligent…

Contiki IPv6 pachube feed

Z1 sensor node with Contiki posting data to Pachube directly over IPv6 (tunneled from within Instant Contiki – vmware image) then on to pachube IPv6 API. Feed at:  

Connode intresserade

Joakim E hade under dagen en presentation för connode om teknikerna.

Greentechday uppsala

Projektet deltog i Uppsala på greentech day Joachim L var en av talarna och vi visade upp år Röda demovilla för den intresserade publiken.  

Uppe och snurrar

Hur kul är det inte för oss systembyggare  när allt fungerar och lamporna blinkar. Testerna i Paris var intressanta och vi kommer att kunna använda detta i projektet framöver och skapa mycket bra tjänster. Det intressanta är att det finns…