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Over the past decade, energy costs have increased and awareness of climate effects have become a part of our everyday lives. So far, however, the technology to help us manage and decrease energy usage have been disparate systems without the ability to assist each other in energy optimization.

In this project, we build an energy optimizer for homes and buildings. We leverage the IP-based Internet of things technology, which allows equipment from different vendors to interoperate. Based on IPv6 and web service technology, energy consuming devices communicate with an energy optimizer that measures and controls energy usage and the efficiency thereof. The project is called ”system spanning IT-network for energyefficiency in buildings” or energy buildings or  ”enbygg” for short.

The project is a collaboration between SICS and SUST and funded by the Swedish energy authority

Article on the project in Swedish through Sics

All sensors are connected to IP addresses and post’s there information into the optimizer that can be present locally or in the cloud or in your phone since it is totally free to connect to anything. The optimzer can in the same way easily connect to the actuators or sensors and manage the necessary control to optimize energy consumption.

In the project we use a local Ubuntu server that combines IPv4 and IPv6 networks and hosts the java based optimization ruleset








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