New IoT contiki based dev kit

New IoT contiki based dev kit

Contiki based IoT devkits soon to be available. LED lamp, power plug, usb-dongle and some generic I/O – make your own iot device cards. All STM32W based and made by Yanzi networks.           We are today…

Discussions on standards at Almedalen 2013

Discussions on standards at Almedalen 2013

During the famous Almedalen week we had an interesting standards discussion. It was very clear that regardless of area the issue of standards and silo spanning communication is essential

Sics openhouse 2013

The project participated in the Sics open house event with our demo houses. Many stopped and talked about the project and we showed our latest technologies for collaboration over business silos Smart House      Joakim E      Presenting the house All…

IPSO alliance launches challenge 2013

Ipso alliance just launched a competition around using IP to enable sensor/control and M2M applications Join in and let IP enable the new world

Cisco in IPv6 based smart grid pilot

Cisco is working in Massachusetts with a smart grid pilot based on Ipv6 this indeed gives us good feeling on our efforts in doing the right thing for the future.

2013 startup

After Christmas we have started the cleanup of the rule engine we use and it will probably be released as opensource We are working with a node to convert Modbus to pure IP with json content.

Sister project, blog up and running

Our Sister project on SUST the ”Intelligent Energy Use” is now running well. We now have several test sites running with district heating  and  heat pumps View more here

Intelligent Energy Usage steering group meeting

Tuesday 2012-11-20 time for steering group meeting in the intelligent energy usage project. Major achievements! We know integrate through our java ”ENBYGG” server, several API’s from our member companies in the project. Vattenfall, Maingate, Riksbyggen, Enertech, Viessmann, Systemair, Securitas direct…

SICS network day on 33rd floor

SICS network day on 33rd floor

SICS organised the day ”Future of the networked systems” The project participated with demos and Joel Höglund and Joakim Eriksson had made a house transport to the 33rd floor of the Scandic Victoria Tower